The Globitrak Difference

Real time information for BOTH yard and road activities in the most simple and cost-effective manner of any company in the industry.


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Globitrak's technology platform is based on our ultra low-power radios. By only turning the radios on for a very short time to transmit or receive, we are able to run the radios for up to five years on a tiny button cell battery. As radios are added to the network, they automatically configure themselves to use the clearest channel with the best communication properties. Adding range to the network is as simple as plugging in a Yardmaster Extender to an electrical outlet. But you probably won't need many Yardmaster Extenders, because the radios can communicate over half a mile*!

What does this mean for you? As a customer, setting up a network takes almost no time. You could be up and running in a couple of hours:

  • Choosing antenna locations is flexible because you have such good range.
  • All you need is an electrical outlet.
  • Placing antennas high, off the ground, is optimal.

So you spend a couple of hours installing the system--and how many hours will you save on yard-checks?!

*Half mile radio range is based on line-of-site. Use additional Yardmaster Extenders to reach very remote parts of your yard or around corners.

Globitrak patent pending.