The Globitrak Difference

Real time information for BOTH yard and road activities in the most simple and cost-effective manner of any company in the industry.


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Productivity provided by Globitrak's powerfully efficient technology allows for the return on your investment to be measured in months instead of years.

Globitrak's product line includes:

  • Globitrak Server: Our system stores your data securely on-site or off-site. If you'd like us to securely host your server, that can be easily arranged. Finding the status of your trailer is as easy as using a web browser to make a request of the server. We offer full customization services, or you can roll-your-own interface with our incredibly simple MySQL interface.
  • Yardmaster: Each yard requires one and only one Yardmaster. This device can be placed anywhere in your facility where there is network connectivity. An office would be fine, or even a guard-shack will do, as long as it has a solid connection to your LAN.
  • Yardmaster Extender: These antennas are simple to install. Just plug them into an electrical outlet. A customer rarely needs more than four--one for each corner of their building.
  • Yardmaster Mobile: These devices are installed in your yard shuttles. They're simple to install-just give them a 12 or 24 volt supply.
  • Roadmaster: If you'd like to track the location of your trucks and trailers outside of the yard (i.e. between yards or on the highway), install a Roadmaster instead of a Yardmaster Mobile.
  • Unitag: We offer over 10 types of unitags tuned for every job. The tags typically last on a battery for five years or longer. They are removable, so you can add a tag to each trailer entering your yard, or you can mount them permanently on your fleet. They give you instant realtime visibility into the location, temperature or status of your equiment.

In the yard, on the road, on rail, or at sea, we can give you the exact information you need at your fingertips.

Globitrak patent pending.