The Globitrak Difference

Real time information for BOTH yard and road activities in the most simple and cost-effective manner of any company in the industry.


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Globitrak’s yard management platform is the most cost-effective solution in the marketplace today for trailer/container logistics management.

  • There are NO COMMUNICATIONS COST when using the Globitrak platform in the yard.
  • UniTags can be temporarily or permanently attached to each trailer in the yard.
  • Globitrak's patent-pending solution scales well, using next-generation standards-based radios to communicate with any number of mobile asset in your network.
  • The new radios communicate over much greater distances allowing you install the system in a short amount of time with very few yard antennas.

Globitrak is the ideal solution for companies that need real-time, accurate location and status information for each of their trailers or other valued assets while moving globally throughout the supply chain.

Globitrak technology allows you to take a major leap forward in knowing the real-time status of your assets while they continue on the move via truck, train or ocean-going vessel, resulting in huge savings.

There is no longer a need to have separate technologies in order to manage both your yard and long distance trailer transportation issues.

Now that is what we call a Return on Investment!