A very simple installation (within a matter of hours) of our Yardmaster and UniTag trailer components gives you a mapped view of the ID, location, and temperature of all trailers with tracking accuracy within feet. No more yard-checks or worries about which dock door the trailer is located at when using Globitrak...

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Complementing the UniTag is the Roadmaster in-cab truck communications unit. The Roadmaster works in harmony with the UniTag trailer sensors to provide the status of your trailers while out on the road.

Globitrak is unique in providing the most cost-effective real-time visibility of your assets using a single UniTag for both yard management and on-the-road functions.

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  • Globitrak Architecture
  • Globitrak's ultra-low power and long range radio technology is second to none! Supports thousands of UniTags on a self-configuring mesh network...